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 Quality Policy

Rosonica Ltd. has developed a Quality Management System based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

The company places great importance on continually improving its products and processes to exceed the requirements of customers. Rosonica Ltd. operates on the principle of 'Process Management' and is committed to continuous improvement within the organization with the aim of:

As part of our ongoing commitment to process improvement our objectives for product quality are:

1. To reduce rejected product.
2. To reduce customer complaints where possible.
3. To maximize the level of customer satisfaction.

At our regular Management Review Meetings specific targets and objectives are established and reviewed. All employees are trained to ensure that our quality policy is understood and implemented at all times. The management team are fully committed to ensuring the implementation of and continual improvement of the quality management system.

The Quality Policy is a live document, and is reviewed at regular Management Review meetings.