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Loudspeakers are utilised in an increasing range of applications; from Hi-Fi to noise cancellation, automotive entertainment to voice evacuation systems.

At Rosonica we have vast experience of loudspeaker applications. We specialise in OEM markets where it is essential to achieve a balance between performance, value and service.

At Rosonica we pride ourselves on adding value for our customers. By taking the correct engineering approach and a creative attitude towards the manufacturing process, it is possible to give our customers the best product for their requirement.

Our Loudspeakers are manufactured in a TS16949 environment.

We welcome your enquiries and look forward to discussing your project with you. CLICK HERE

At Rosonica we have experience of all the major loudspeaker standards, we have over 15 years experience in the measurement, development and characterisation of loudspeakers and as such we are able to work with 'expert customers' and guide 'non-expert customers' in achieving their performance requirements.

Though loudspeakers are perhaps the most 'apparent' part of the audio chain they are often poorly specified and as a consequence the application is devalued. There are a number of reasons why this might happen; a lack of awareness or understanding of recognised standards such as IEC (60)268-5, a common tendency to use too few characteristics to define the speaker adequately and in some cases a misunderstanding of the purpose of the characteristics themselves.

Our acoustic engineering staff are not simply focussed on how loudspeakers meet parameters under laboratory conditions but also how the speakers interact with their surroundings under a wide range of conditions.

We are specialists in the accurate measurement of loudspeakers, their mounting structure / baffle and the listening environment - only by considering all these factors together is it possible to engineer the best audio quality.

We strive to give the best product for the application which is neither over-engineered nor under-engineered. We welcome your enquiries and look forward to discussing your project with you. CLICK HERE

Whether your application requires a lightweight subwoofer, safety critical micro speaker, rugged weather proof unit or just a basic low cost drive unit we strive to give the best performance to cost ratio available in the modern global market. «FOR REPLACEMENT DRIVERS CLICK HERE».