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Injection Moulding

Application Engineering

 We are specialists in loudspeakers,  injection moulding and application  engineering.

 Dealing with OEM small, medium  and large production volumes.

 We can offer you a stock item or  engineer the correct part for your  application.

 We welcome your enquiries and  look forward to discussing your  project with you. CLICK HERE

 Welcome to rosonica.
Subwoofer, Woofer, Tweeter, Full range - we offer a complete range of loudspeaker drive units to suit any application.
We design, develop and produce injection moulded items in PP, Nylon, ABS, etc. We produce textured and cosmetic surfaces to specific colour requirements and class A standards.
Our customers expect more than just a product. We assess each application and then engineer the best solution to meet their performance and commercial requirements.
Environmentally aware and working towards a sustainable future.