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 Application Engineering

At Rosonica we are used to dealing with customers that have varying levels of experience or knowledge of loudspeaker/audio applications.

When working with new customers we are often engaged in the process of trying to identify the knowledge base that the customer is working from.

Whether we are collaborating with leading acoustics engineers from some of the worlds largest automotive manufacturers or guiding development engineers with no previous audio experience, the importance of understanding the application is paramount.

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For customers that are less familiar with loudspeaker performance or installation, it helps to outline some of the factors that contribute towards the 'system performance' »»»
It goes without saying that only by listening carefully to our customer's requirements are we best able to meet their needs.
We pride ourselves on carefully looking at the customers requirements and going as far as we can to meet their expectations within necessary commercial constraints.

Though some customers' requirements can be met by 'stock items' volume applications benefit in terms of the commercial and performance aspects by developing bespoke parts such as speakers, chassis, mounting hardware, grilles or baffles. We are able to offer a full turnkey solution in the development, rapid prototyping, testing, tooling and production.

By close liaison with customer engineers, on site visits and cad we can look carefully at the fit of the product within the context of the customer application and agree or propose GD&T requirements, beyond this we are able to perform CMM analysis of first off tool samples as an interim stage before performing full SPC at production stage.

As we have worked with a wide spectrum of customers we are used to seeing huge variations in the functional requirements from one project to another. While some of the large OEM customers may have a highly detailed specification, we are equally as comfortable in assisting customers in the formulation of their requirements.


By taking the time to fully understand the customers application we are often able provide the benefit of our extensive experience, generally the earlier we are involved in the 'application' the more value we are able to provide, usually at no extra cost.

Loudspeaker applications invariably benefit from a holistic approach and creative thinking, though all applications are different combined knowledge is a powerful tool.

Fit, form and functional requirements
Value engineering

One of our core competencies is approaching the whole development process from a value engineering perspective, whether this be at a component level, product level or with the customers final assembly in mind we are continually striving to provide innovative lean manufacturing solutions that maintain the best function to cost ratio.

There are three key areas;
Fit, form and function
Value engineering